The City of Sleepers

In a futuristic world, all resources are in abundance and for sale to the trillions of inhabitants of the world’s major cities. Even bodily energy has become a purchased commodity. 

type: science-fiction, storytelling

Chinmoku: Final Paper

This paper was completed to fulfil my senior project requirement. It details the development of my horror/mystery language learning game, Chinmoku.

type: game development, postmortem

Hearthstone: Understanding the Popularity of Digital Card Games

type: game development, analytical

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: Feminism and "Mass Effect"

This is an analytical paper about my observations of gender dynamics and stereotypes presented in Bioware's Mass Effect.

type: analytical, essay

Eroticism in Video Games and Other Pop Culture Media

This is an analytical essay discussing how eroticism is portrayed in games, using the visual novel style game Seduce Me as a primary example of common tropes.

type: analytical, essay

Character Dictates Gameplay: "The Last of Us"

This was originally written as an informal blog post documenting and exploring some of my throughts on the relationship between characters and gameplay design after playing Naughty Dog's The Last Of Us.

type: analytical, blog post

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