Kroma is an abstract strategy game in which 2-3 players capture territory by blending colors, resulting in a unique composition of colors and shapes. During play, transparent plastic pieces are arranged on the board. By layering pieces of cyan, yellow, and magenta, players create their “target” secondary color, score points, and create a collaborative art piece through competitive play.


Recipient of the 2019 Indiecade Audience Choice Award.

My role: Game designer and fabrication designer
Collaborators: Carol Mertz, Temitope Olujobi, Kai Cummings



Kroma was designed to be a visual delight and tactile experience. 

A hybrid of acrylic tabletop components and electronics, Kroma is a unique game which is played on a custom built lightboard. Game pieces are made of transparent acrylic, allowing light to pass through multiple layers of pieces and subtractively blend colored light. Players take turns placing down pieces, which are set aglow by the underlit board.

Kroma invites people to experiment with shapes and colors in a playful new way, while requiring the focus and attention of a strategy game.


As designers, we are interested in exploring intimate interpersonal gameplay and find that the strategic gameplay creates a strong adversarial bond between players. We created Kroma with the goal of expanding the possibility space of strategy games, allowing ours to be both challenging but approachable. No matter how the match ends, players can revel in the beautiful outcome of their conflict in the resulting color composition.