Chinmoku is a horror puzzle game which utilizes educational elements as its core gameplay. Players progress through a mystery narrative while using Japanese language skills as tools to solve puzzles and engage in combat with monsters. The story follows Rita, an American girl who is going to Japan to visit her childhood friend. When she arrives, her friend is missing and a monster has stolen her ability to communicate. Rita must recover the language which is being stolen in order to decipher the clues to save her friend.

Chinmoku ("silence") was developed using the Unreal Engine in 2015. The initial prototype was created over the course of 3 months while on-site in Japan. The game seeks to teach players hiragana, one of the Japanese writing systems. The player must complete puzzles and fight monsters using Japanese language skills. The game allows users to connect their Android smartphones to use as a controller for the game.


Made in Unreal Engine 4 and Android Studio.

My Contributions:

  • Team lead

    • Management of team and reporting to project advisor

  • Modeling of 3D game assets

    • Protagonist character

    • Enemy monsters

    • Environmental assets

    • Modular tiles used to construct levels

  • Asset importation and scene lighting